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Yu-Kan-Do™ Shotokan Karate
intermediate series

Yu-Kan-Do™ Shotokan Karate
level 4 (Green Belt)
with Sensei
Marshall Brown

Level 4 is the first DVD in the Intermediate Series.  In this DVD 
there is an increasing emphasis on complex moves such as
Alternating Blocks:  Down, High, Middle, & Augmented 
from a Horse Stance.
Coordination Drills such as:
Back Fist, Reverse Punch, Ridge Hand, Palm Heel.

Heian Sandan is the requirement Kata for Level 4 along with a Defensive Set.  At this level , if the student were enrolled in a Karate School or Dojo, the time required to advance to this level would generally be about a year.  With the Yu-Kan-Do™ Shotokan Karate DVD System, you can advance at your own pace; faster or slower as your time allows.  
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Yu-Kan-Do™ Shotokan Karate
Level 5 (Blue Belt)

with Sensei
Marshall Brown

With this DVD, you will have Fun with Combination Drills like:
Grab, Knee Strike & Elbow Strike,
Spinning Back Fist,
Down Block, High Block, Palm Heel
and Rear Leg Roundhouse Kicks.

The Requirements for Level 5 are Heian Yondan and Kummite #1.  The student at this level should have sufficient coordination and flexibility to achieve all of the combinations
on this DVD.  Practice often and you will succeed!
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Yu-Kan-Do™ Shotokan Karate
Level 6 (Purple Belt)
with Sensei
Marshall Brown

Level 6 is the Last of the Intermediate Series.  The DVD has New and 
Exciting Techniques to Practice and Learn such as:
Jumping Front Kicks,
Hook Kicks and Spinning Hook Kicks.
At Level 6, the Student is about 1/2 Way to Black Belt!  All the Blocks, Punches 
and Kicks have been learned and now is the time to Perfect the Moves.  The
Requirement Kata for Level 6 is Heian Godan along with Kummite #2.  Students need 
to learn the techniques up to this point and send in a test DVD before going on to 
the next level in the system.  It is not mandatory to do so to purchase the next DVD, but in Karate it is always wise to make sure the way the student is practicing is correct.
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