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Yu-Kan-Do™ Beginner Level One Workout


Before starting any exercise program you may need to consult a doctor.  
Warm up before you get started.  
Exercise  requires:100_1536.JPG (1103142 bytes) One Timer and a light set of weights. Set your timer for 9 minutes.  Examples of the weight exercises are at the bottom of this page.

After the workout, stretch!!!  Stretching is most important.  Stretch hard at least three times per week.

Yu-Kan-Do The Intermediate Level Two Workout


You need a set of light hand weights and a Timer. Set your timer for Nine minutes. Each Exercise is to be performed for 30 seconds apart.

Start with one set and build up to as many sets that it takes for a great work out!!!

 Yu-Kan-Do The Advanced Level Three Workout

You will need a timer and a pair of light weights to perform these exercises. Set your timer for nine minutes.

Each exercise is to be done for 30 seconds then move on to the next until completed. Good Luck!!

        Always stretch after every workout and drink plenty of fluids.

Getting Bored? Do The Burn!

Curls                                                         Butterflies        

                                                                              Triceps swings

                            Chest Extensions                                                            Overhead press


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