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Marshall Brown



     Marshall and I started our first woodworking project with a pair of adirondak chairs simply because we had no deck furniture to put on our dock.  This project was quite a bit smaller than building the pottery studio.  Then we started creating the cutting boards together.  Marshall does all of the hard work such as cutting, sanding, and especially anything that requires math.  We still both love the really big projects like building decks, creating goldfish ponds and pathways, and remodeling our cottage but these are not for sale.

     Now we create unique cutting boards with wood burned designs.  The cutting boards are durable and last  a  lifetime.  The handle makes delivering your chopped product to the pot or bowl a breeze.  The boards have many uses in our house and they are used every day.


     We just started making the serving trays with Denise's hand made tiles at the bottom.  They are very useful and different from any serving tray we have come across.