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Yu-Kan-Do™ Aerobics
with Marshall and Denise Brown

  Great for the Beginner, only $9.95

  Marshall Brown developed the Basic 5 Aerobics Program in 1993. This program utilizes a combination of five basic moves  that are simple and sure to give you great results.  The first move is simply walking in place.  Next, you will step side to side.  Then you will go on to small kicks and knee lifts.  The hardest move is stepping back.  Simply place both your feet together and then step one foot back, stretching those calf muscles.  Bring the foot you placed back beside the other foot and repeat the process.  Some squats and lunges are added to the end of the 20 minute aerobic workout for strength and endurance.  The weights and the floor exercises are specifically designed to tone and firm those problem areas.  This video requires very little space to execute each move and is easy and fun to do. 

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Yu-Kan-Do™ Kickboxing 
                       with Marshall and Denise Brown                        

Challenging!     Hi-Impact!    Tough!     Advanced!     Total!
For Only $9.95

Not for the beginner!!  This Kickboxing video uses actual Karate moves to build strength and endurance. Karate hand  techniques combined with light weights are used to achieve maximum strength and muscle tone.  The floor exercises are strictly to strengthen the stomach and abdominal muscles.  This will be the best 50 minute workout of your life!  Techno music will energize your body and mind.

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